Sug 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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  • Transfer DC 12V to AC 110/120V, provides 2000W continuous 4000W peak power for your load. Attention: only Lead acid batteries are suitable for the inverter, lithium batteries are not suitable for the inverter.
  • Output superior quality true sine wave power, perfect for all kinds of load,such as water dispensers,air compressor,refrigerator,coffer maker,electric motor saw,dust collector etc
  • LED Screen shows battery voltage and remaining battery level.
  • Reliable design with thermal shutdown, reverse polarity protection via internal fuses, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, low voltage shutdown, and low/high voltage alarm.
  • WARRANTY: 18 months warranty and lifetime customer service
Pure sine wave inverter Smart-2000W offering superior quality true sine wave power, it is designed to operate popular power tools and inductive loads. Connect Smart-2000W pure sine wave inverter with battery terminals, then you can get AC power for your appliances, the AC output waveform is even better than the power supplied by your utility. Specifications : Power: 2000W Rated, 4000W Peak. USB output: DC 5V/1A Nominal input voltage: 12VDC Nominal output voltage: 110-120VAC 60Hz Output wave: pure sine wave Soft start More Details: Low Voltage Alarm : 10.5V DC±1V Low Voltage Shut Down: 10V DC±1V Over Load: Shut Off Output Over Voltage Shut Down: 15.5V±1V Protection: Overload / Short Circuit / Overtemp / Reverse Polarity / Under/Over Voltage Intelligent Cooling Fans Machine Size(mm): 430mm * 165mm * 87mm Net Weight(kgs) : 4.5kg Shipping Weight(kgs) : 5.5kg Precautions: 1.Reverse connection of positive pole and negative pole is forbidden. 2. Please do not overload. If your applications are inductive loads, such as air condition, coffee maker or electric drills, please choose the inverters whose continuous power is 3 times equal or greater than the watts of your appliances. For example, if you have a drill rated at 600 watts, you will need to pick a inverter 1800 watts or bigger power. If the applications you want to run with inverter 2000w are resitive loads, such as microwave oven, rice cooker, lamps, computer, TV and so on, please make sure all the loads together are no more than 2000w. Package List: 1x 2000W Power Inverter 2x Car Battery Cables 1xUser Manual in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian 1xWarranty Card